Fringe by Tii is the product of late-night inspiration and an unusual creative process. Conceptualised by Tianna Khambatta in 2020, the brand has since seen features in Lifestyle Asia, Grazia, and Homegrown, all of whom picked up on her passion for elevating what exists and seeing potential for newness in the mundane. With the theme of upcycling at the helm of the brand, Fringe began with casual stylings and loungewear, and has since moved into the luxury space with their latest collection - Fringe Festivitiis.

These can be found at @fringebytii on Instagram.

Founder Profile

Tianna grew up with muses in her immediate context - her father an artist who works with metals, and her grandmother who had mastered the craft of sewing. From a young age, she used to watch her father create sculptures and art pieces from scrap metal, and began to put together outfits for her dolls from the scraps at her grandmother’s sewing bench. She later learnt that there was a term for this - upcycling - taking what one has, whether in pristine condition or not, and creating something completely new out of it. Fringe is a result of Tianna finding her niche, and it has worked to her benefit. It has become regular practice for friends and clients to hand over a bag of clothes, asking her to “Fringe them.” Humbly on the rise, Tianna also runs a community space from her Studio, as her way of giving back to the community that helped build her.


Each design at Fringe by Tii speaks volumes about their founder. Tianna Khambatta is extremely conscious, not only of her audience and their style preferences, but also of what she is delivering to the world professionally and personally. A high level of intention and care goes into the making of every garment, and is reflected in the way every piece of material is placed to fit the other. Right from the inception collection of loungewear, Fringe’s design aesthetic has revolved around comfort and ease. This has been further translated into the latest collection, Fringe Festivitiis. Centred around making the glamour of festive season more hassle-free and convenient, the core of upcycling remains through the use of her grandmother’s sarees as a base for most pieces.